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saturday July 20 7 pm doors / 8 pm showtime  
Suzanne Westenhoefer  (Comedy Gold)
all ages  


Suzanne Westenhoefer: All the Right Moves with Two Left Feet

She’s brave, bold and comic gold. The real deal in a post-modern world seeking to pump out reproductions, Suzanne Westenhoefer is the reigning shtick chick worth noting. Her individual style and unique sense of self set the stage for all walks of life – young, old, gay, straight, lesbian, bi, and every descriptor imaginable in between.

When you’ve lived life, you talk about it. When you’re a comedienne living life, you really talk about it.

For instance, how do you refer to your new girlfriend’s parents while updating your status on Facebook…at their house…over Christmas? In-laws doesn’t quite seem the appropriate term. Neither does out-laws (that might imply divorce – assuming you’re in a state that even allows marriage, much less divorce)…there isn’t really a term that seems appropriate. If you’re Suzanne, that’s not unusual. The woman is terribly inappropriate – and we love her for it.

A lot has changed in the past year. On the one hand, you have a previously closeted girlfriend now in a very public relationship with one of the biggest lesbians in America.  On the other, you have a gal with the gumption to quit smoking…while figuring out how to do so with the aforementioned stress-inducing situation. Add to the pot an attempt at aging gracefully and you’ve got yourself a comedy routine writing itself.

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Accept no substitutions. If you’re looking for a light-hearted romp through the perils of love and life (sometimes both simultaneously), this gal’s got you covered.
- See more at: http://suzannew.com/about/#sthash.22CeKrdl.dpuf

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