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Saves The Day, Polyphia

Sep 18 Sun

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Coheed and Cambria
Coheed and Cambria
The Color Before the Sun, the eighth studio album from progressive post-hardcore visionaries Coheed and Cambria, finally sends this band of space cadets crashing down to Earth. After traversing the outer limits of science fiction over seven acclaimed albums and more than 20 comic books, founder and songwriter Claudio Sanchez is ready to explore his emotions nakedly, plainly and unabashedly. No conceptual framework, no galaxy of characters, no seven-minute epics, no places for the band, as he quips, to "put a laser beam on it."

"I kind of want people to know that Coheed can write that sort of record," says Sanchez. "I've always said in the past that there's never been a limitation on the band. It makes no sense to me to draw a line in the sand and never cross it."

While the most conceptually abstruse Coheed records have always had a foundation in reality, The Color Before the Sun marks the first time Sanchez is exposing his raw feelings, narrated from his own perspective — the anxiety of fatherhood, the disorienting feeling of losing a home, the reflections had during early-morning walks. His own story is told through big, bright, driving, colorful songs that beam like power-pop, crunch like vintage '90s emocore and float with the expansive feel of space-rock.

Recorded by Grammy-nominated producer Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant, Eric Church) at Nashville's Neon Cross Studios, Sun also marks the first time Coheed has ever recorded their music live in the studio — Sanchez playing alongside guitarist Travis Stever, drummer Josh Eppard and bass player Zach Cooper with minimal overdubs.

"Again, it was that exposed honesty," says Sanchez. "I wanted the blemishes to create the charm…. Let those accidents just happen, let's not microscope it."

The concise, 10-song Sun follows Coheed's sprawling, two-part opus Afterman: Ascension and Afterman: Descension. Both Top 10 debuts, they serve as a "punctuation mark" to the seven-album Amory Wars saga that included 82 minutes of music and a hardcover coffee table book. Around the time of those records' completion, Sanchez and his wife left their cozy, secluded home in New York's Hudson Valley for a more nomadic life, attempting to find their place in the world. After travelling to California, Florida and Paris, they ultimately fell in love with Brooklyn, leaving their quiet home for a cramped brownstone in Park Slope. Used to working in solitude, Sanchez instead found himself writing music in the middle of a railroad apartment.

"Normally…I need to kind of get into my own head and create these characters," says Sanchez. "So I felt very exposed. I knew that our neighbors could hear me. At one point somebody had asked if a woman was in the apartment singing, and I was like, 'Aaaah!' I think that subconsciously leaked into the music that I actually created. I kind of gathered this collection of songs that very much chronicled the situation I was feeling there. I didn't understand who I was, what I wanted to be. I was writing these songs that weren't part of a formula. It just felt foreign."

During the process, he also discovered his wife was pregnant with his son, Atlas, and the anticipation of being a father started to influence his songwriting. The tender acoustic ballad "Ghost" has Sanchez pondering what type of parent he will be; the explosive, deceptively triumphant "Atlas" anticipates what life will be like leaving his first-born son when he goes on the road; "Here to Mars" is a simple, hard-chugging love song to his wife.

The destroyed home on the album cover is no metaphor. The tenants who had rented Sanchez's house upstate had abandoned it, leaving some demolished floors, the residue of a colony of plants and the stench of marijuana. It's speculated that the home where Coheed and Cambria created their last four records — writing upstairs and rehearsing in the basement — was totaled after the residents turned it into a grow-house. Songs on Sun deal with the transient feeling of Sanchez not knowing whether to stay on the "island" of a Brooklyn block, or in the comforting country confines of his home, whether destroyed ("Colors") or intact ("Island").

Though never leaving our own solar system, The Color Before the Sun, may be Coheed and Cambria's most important saga — a story that's sketched less like an explosive Image Comics title and more like an introverted Drawn and Quarterly book, less like Todd McFarlane and more like Adrian Tomine.

"That's always sort of been the reason for the concept, was that it was a curtain to hide behind," says Sanchez. "I always found it very hard to be that heart-on-your-sleeve songwriter. Maybe it's the fear of judgment or whatever. I felt like if I could just hide behind these fictitious characters, then nobody will judge me. They'll judge the work, but it won't stain me. It's almost like trying to distance myself from the art, whereas this time I've sort of embraced it and allowed it to be me."

Release date: Oct. 9, 2015
Saves The Day
Saves The Day
"A sonic love letter to cut through the noise of the world. That's what this is," states Saves The Day's Chris Conley of the band's forthcoming self-titled album. "There's so much noise in the world right now, there are so many people having a hard time...I wanted to write this sonic love letter of sorts to cut through all that, to remind me, or whoever hears it, of what's important. It's the simple things."

Saves The Day are set to release their eighth studio album this fall on Equal Vision Records/Rory Records. The self-titled record will be released on September 17th and reunites the band with the label that helped shape them into the seminal act they are today. The album was produced by Saves The Day, engineered by Marc Hudson and mixed by Rob Schnapf, marking the first time the band has worked with Schnapf since 2003's In Reverie.

Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley explains, "Hard to believe it's been 15 years since we put out the debut Saves The Day album on Equal Vision Records. Back then, I was just a kid, 17 years old and still in high school. Somehow, after our demo was rejected by all the other indie labels of the time, Steve from EVR called us up on a landline and asked if we'd like to make a record. We were in the middle of rehearsing some new songs in a basement somewhere in New Jersey, and we dropped our instruments and jumped up and down, excited and amazed. No way to know that when we got the call it was the beginning of what would be an incredible journey through the world of music and beyond. In retrospect, I can see clearly that without Steve and Equal Vision Records, there would be no Saves The Day. After all these years, I still hold holy gratitude in my heart for Steve and his faith in our music. Signing back to Equal Vision feels like coming home."

Equal Vision Records owner Steve Reddy said, "We're so thrilled to have Saves The Day return to Equal Vision Records. I had first heard about the band from Sean McGrath. We knew we wanted to keep working together after his time in Hands lucky was I that the next thing he did was join up with a bunch of high school kids from New Jersey that would go on to became Saves the Day? I remember going down to NJ to check them out for the first time, where they shared a bill with Floorpunch. We decided to work together soon after and the rest is history. Saves the Day changed everything for EVR. We will always be grateful for what they did for the label and are looking forward to working together again."

Saves The Day will be released through Rory Records, an imprint of Equal Vision Records created by Max Bemis of Say Anything. "To be frank, Saves The Day is everything to me," says Bemis. "They're the band that made me want to be in a band. They're my favorite band and have been so for 15 years, without a hint of nostalgic undermining; It's simply because they're that amazing and continue to be, not because I remember them being so. To think that Chris is one of my best friends and I am going to get to further delve into our creative partnership as their label representative is beyond trippy. I can only assure diehard STD fans that for once, one of US is getting to have their hands in helping the band make records and it's even more amazing that in doing so we've brought Saves The Day back to the label that launched their career, on the strength of one of the greatest records they've ever made."

Saves The Day was created via a PledgeMusic campaign launched this past Thanksgiving. Over 1,450 Pledgers helped the band surpass their goal and record the album in a unique and intimate fashion. Through the campaign, Saves The Day also donated a portion of the earnings to Occupy Sandy to assist in the recovery efforts after the devastating storm. The band has spent a majority of the past year closely tied to their Pledgers, giving them early access to music, playing house shows and getting ready for special fan involvement on their upcoming tour.

Saves The Day will head out on a nationwide headlining tour this fall with special guests Into It. Over It and Hostage Calm. The tour kicks off in Pomona on September 4th and makes stops throughout the country before concluding on October 13th in San Diego. The album tracklisting and a complete list of tour dates can be found below. Tickets are on sale here - - along with a first listen of the record, with the song "Remember" streaming now.

Saves The Day formed in 1997, releasing their debut album Can't Slow Down in 1998 and followed by Through Being Cool in 1999 both on Equal Vision Records. 2001's Stay What You Are spawned the memorable "At Your Funeral" as the band continued to evolve and grow. 2003's In Reverie peaked at #27 on the Billboard Top 200, becoming the third Saves The Day album to chart on the Billboard Top 200. In 2006, the band began its concept trilogy, which was completed in 2011 with Daybreak. Saves The Day is Chris Conley (vocals/lead guitar), Arun Bali (guitar), Rodrigo Palma (bass) and Dennis Wilson (drums).

"I think this album sets the course. I've gone through a lot of my sort of...growing pains, and the music from here on now will reflect my newfound inner peace. And the reason Through Being Cool or Stay What You Are sounds the way it sounds, is because I felt fresh, I felt alive – like I do now," Conley concludes. "It's nice to be back."
Coming to you from the heart of North Texas, the fast-rising instrumental quartet known as Polyphia is bringing a deadly dose of CATCHY to the forefront of music. Between evocative, emotionally stimulating melodies, powerful rhythms, and thick, soulful bass licks, you'll have these songs stuck in your head for years to come.
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