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The Living Breathing




Jul 15 Fri

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

The Rialto Theatre


This event is all ages

The Living Breathing
YouTube is an amazing place! A plethora of videos of all kinds, viral, musical, instructional and people just wanting to express themselves. For these four musicians, it was a place where a connection was made, and a musical chemistry was born.

Brothers Matt & Mason Haley have been writing music together for years. In high school, they cut their teeth playing gigs in bars & clubs with various projects. They moved to Arizona in 2009 and soon began the process of finding someone to jam with.

Steven Natale & Joey Moraga have been writing and performing music together for 16 years. Most of their years were spent with the band Tongue Dried Sun. After that, Steven built his own home studio called Studio 7 Productions and continued to produce and record for various projects. Steven came across a YouTube video of Matt & Mason performing an acoustic song. He in turn called Joey and they became interested in meeting with Matt & Mason. The four got together, played a few songs, and found a common vision for a project. With great support from family and friends, along with countless hours of writing and recording, they were able to put together a six song EP at Steven's studio. The self titled EP was released for free online and at shows. It was used as a promotional tool more than anything.

After the release of their EP, The Living Breathing started practicing so that they could eventually play shows. They started to realize after a few rehearsals that the 4 piece (with Mason on Vocals/Guitar) wasn't as strong as it could be. So, Steven and Joey asked their good friend and former bandmate Wyatt Bills if he wanted to jam with them. He gladly said yes. Mason moved to vocals and Wyatt took over on guitar. They haven't looked back since.
All born and raised in PHOENIX , AZ Nathan Bond, Brandon Brimhall, Matt Merisola and Richie Cavalera formed INCITE. Got together to head in a heavier direction from their previous bands. Together they formed the new thrash band out of Shadow Mountain Highschool which they called "INCITE". It began as getting FADED and rockin out and led to a more substantle amount of getting faded and rockin out!!! INCITE has a new EP do out in late FEB. '06 as well as a Rigorous tour scheduale booked up.
    191 Toole
  • Bookmans Entertainment Exchange
  • The Rialto Theatre
    318 E. Congress St.
    Tucson AZ 85701

    Box Office : M-Sat noon-6pm

    (520) 740-1000

  • The Rialto Theatre Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the stewardship and preservation of the historic Rialto Theatre, a unique entertainment venue and cornerstone of downtown Tucson, offering a broad range of high-quality performing arts that are reflective of the diverse and vibrant community it serves.