The Naked and Famous

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The Naked and Famous

The Chain Gang of 1974

Sep 21 Wed

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Rialto Theatre

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The Naked and Famous
The Naked and Famous
Los Angeles-based New Zealanders The Naked And Famous are currently writing and recording their third album and preparing for an early 2016 return to the stage with their first appearances of the year at the Wanderland Music Festival and hometown Auckland City Limits in New Zealand in March.

Their self-produced 2011 debut Passive Me, Aggressive You and singles “Young Blood” and “Punching In A Dream” made them one of the hottest new bands in the world and festival favorites around the world.

2013 album In Rolling Waves connected audiences to the romantic inspiration of the golden era of epic, emotionally charged alternative rock.

The band continued to tour relentlessly in 2014, taking in festivals including Coachella and Australia’s Big Day Out as well as selling out venues across Europe and North America and touring US arenas with Imagine Dragons.

The Naked and Famous formed in Auckland New Zealand when Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith met at music college and began recording at home with Aaron Short. After two independent EPs, things blew up for the group with the single “Young Blood”.

Released on 7” by New York label Neon Gold, the song went on to generate millions of plays and earn them a Gold Record in the US and Canada, and Platinum certification in Australia and New Zealand.

With old school friends Jesse Wood and David Beadle by now settled as the group’s rhythm section, TNAF set off on a journey that has taken them to play major festivals and tours around the world and thrill fans everywhere with their dark.

Continuing to self-produce their ambitious sonic pop, The Naked and Famous continue on a musical path that NME, describe as “A classic case of lovely and beautiful: TNAF’s passive melodicism and aggressive innovation clash in a dazzling blaze of psych/sonic fireworks”.

"Exhilarating, fun, and so damn catchy."

"A big, spacious electro-rock sound that feels very of the moment...something truly special"
-- Buzzfeed

"You will hear few, if any, records this year as immediate as In Rolling Waves."
-- Alternative Press

"The Naked and Famous are sure to make us fall in love all over again."
– Zink Magazine

“After a few years of polishing their shoegaze-y synthpop sound, the Naked and Famous have taken their look and sound to a level that is simultaneously fashion forward and digestible to the masses”
– KROQ Coachella review

'New songs 'I Kill Giants', 'Hearts Like Ours' and 'Grow Old' - brilliantly echo the brooding drama of Depeche Mode and, as unlikely as it might sound, the industrial bombast of Nine Inch Nails.'
-- NME

“Audaciously epic pop-rock noir”
– The Guardian UK
The Chain Gang of 1974
The Chain Gang of 1974
"My brothers and I were surrounded by music growing up," explains Kamtin Mohager, the shape-shifting singer/multi-instrumentalist behind the Chain Gang of 1974. "Not Beatles albums or anything like that; more like the Persian records our parents played all the time. And when we got older, it was up to us to discover everything." Born in San Jose and raised in Hawaii, Mohager spent his first 13 years obsessing over inline hockey and the idea of being drafted by the NHL one day. A series of life-changing events were set in motion once Mohager's family moved to Colorado, however. The first of which involved the final scene from Real Genius—quite possibly Val Kilmer's finest hour—and its penultimate 'popcorn song', a.k.a. "Everybody Rules the World." "I love '80s music, but not typical new-wave stuff," says Mohager. "Like I'm way into Tears For Fears and Talk Talk, the other side of the spectrum, really." That's abundantly clear on White Guts, a record that's nearly as restless as Chain Gang's previous collection of early recordings, Fantastic Nostalgic. The way Mohager sees it, his first proper release was "all over the place, from a piano ballad to songs that sound like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Primal Scream or Justice." White Guts, on the other hand, funnels three years of instrument-swapping, sample-splicing experience into a lean, focused listen. So while "Stop!" and the rather epic "Hold On" hint at everything from LCD Soundsystem to Talking Heads, they make perfect sense in the context of deep cuts like the synth-flecked "Don't Walk Away" and bass-guided "Matter of Time," shimmering power ballads that could have been on the soundtrack of Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink. What sets the Chain Gang of 1974 apart from other Reagan-era revivalists is Mohager's innate sense of rhythm, a skill he acquired at an early age. And we're not just talking about his parents' punchy, groove-riding record collection. We're talking about family gatherings and traditions that taught Mohager how to make a crowd of cool kids uncross their arms and dance like there's pistols pointed at their feet. "Everyone lets loose at our shows," says Mohager. "It's a party, man. If only I had a dollar for every time someone bum-rushed the stage or grabbed one of our instruments." Things are bound to get worse, too, as his live band—a quartet that's a far cry from Mohager's original iPod/bass setup—spends the next six months spreading the Chain Gang gospel far beyond its Rocky Mountain beginnings. Or as the man behind every last beat puts it, "I'm letting the music just be, and if something's meant to happen, it's meant to happen."
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