Atom Heart Mother @ 191 Toole

Atom Heart Mother @ 191 Toole

Dec 03 Sat

7:00 pm

191 Toole


Atom Heart Mother
‘Wish you were here’; experiencing ‘Floyd’ back in the year 1979.
Specializing in the Roger Waters era, Atom Heart Mother is not just another Pink Floyd tribute band. They are a musical love letter, written to the fans of one of rocks most important bands during a period of time when psychedelia and rock and roll creativity reigned supreme.

Atom Heart Mother is comprised of a squadron of experienced musicians – seven to be exact –all of which share a strong connection to the songs. Originally formed in 2009, they quickly became known for their sonic devotion and accuracy. The goal of the band, is to convey the majesty of the original Pink Floyd band, focusing on the era before the core band fractured.

The band has a strong respect for the Pink Floyd fan base - and being fans themselves, they focus on the elements and sounds that make music fans gravitate towards their music.
If you weren’t able to experience Pink Floyd back in the 70s, or if you just wish that you could relive the experience, Atom Heart Mother tries to capture that experience.
See you on the Dark Side of the Moon!