Max Frost @ Club Congress

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Max Frost @ Club Congress


Sep 26 Tue

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Club Congress

$12.00 - $14.00

This event is 16 and over

Max Frost
Max Frost
The experiment of music has led me to places I never thought I’d go in this world. In 2016, I did shows in Australia, Germany, London, and all over the US. It always shocks me to speak face to face with a person who has been listening to my music from the other side of the globe for years. It reminds me that, despite how much time I spend alone in a dark studio, there’s a world of people out there that you are trying to reach. If you really expose your truth to them in a song, it doesn’t matter where they are. They will respond.

My travels have also led me to collaborations with artists around the world. I released a track called “Ghosting” with an amazing producer named St. Albion and also wrote/produced a track for a new artist from Australia named Mike Waters. As much as I’m focused on my own music right now, I look forward to one day spending a lot of time helping other people develop their own experiments.

My last year of high school and only year of college were only made possible by my abuse of Adderall. I first discovered its powers attempting to write college essays, and pretty much lost my mind from there. It allowed me to get away with chronic procrastination and mainly focus on music. But it certainly spiraled me into an unbalanced state of sleeplessness, anxiousness, highs, and lows that left me a pretty worn out person.

My Adderall years manifested themselves in a song I made with Cook Classics and Ross Golan called “Adderall” that I recently released. I sort of told the sad story in a funny way and tried to make it light hearted, and it seems that people have reacted. I’ll do college shows now where people come with their prescription bottles and ask me to sign them (which might be a crime or something I don’t know…).
It’s nearly impossible to believe that Taylor Upsahl, who goes by simply Upsahl, just tossed her mortarboard in the air as a high school graduate. For someone so young, the Phoenix, AZ native is a remarkably skilled singer, songwriter and performer. It’s no wonder the Phoenix New Times proclaimed that her “songwriting will blow you away” and that her songs “transcend her teenage years, with catchy lyrics and melodies relatable to all ages.”

Born into a musical family, Upsahl has started playing both guitar and piano at the age of five. “My dad as touring in bands long before I was born,” shares Upsahl, “so I was lucky enough to have a band room in my house all throughout my childhood. Having access to instruments and a thorough understanding of music allowed me to start writing my own stuff when I was 13.”

By the time she was 14 years old, Upsahl had written and released a self-titled EP, which gained much-deserved recognition throughout the Phoenix music scene. Then, in 2015, she pieced together a band and self-produced her first full-length album, Viscerotonic.

In its review of Viscerotonic, The Phoenix New Times wrote: “Upsahl’s sweet, soulful vocals convey a smooth, genuine quality that’s not too far off from one of the musical acts she most admires, Feist. The full-band sound on Viscerotonic, a departure from her bare-bones self-titled debut, is polished and refined.”

Engineered by Matt Turner of Loud Audio Recording Studios in Glendale, Viscerotonic was released on Upsahl’s own starter label, Earth Sound Records. Viscerotonic, incidentally, comes from the descriptor of a personality type that is relaxed, collected and content – which is exactly how Upsahl describes herself.

Now, Upsahl is celebrating the recent release of her highly acclaimed third album, Unfamiliar Light, which brilliantly showcases Upsahl’s stunning vocals and mesmerizing piano work. The newest single from Unfamiliar Light is a bouncy, rhythmic and poignant track called “Can You Hear Me Now.”

“Can You Hear Me Now” is a message to someone on the other end of a failing relationship,” shares Upsahl. “It’s the kind of the relationship that has been dysfunctional for a long period of time to the point where one person decides it isn’t worth the stress, time, or energy anymore.”

Influenced by artists like The Shins, Spoon, Horde and Beyonce, Upsahl has an undeniable ability to write songs that can permeate your psyche, forcing you to tap into your deepest emotions. “I like to maintain powerful and complex lyrics that are relatable to a variety of people in a variety of situations,” shares Upsahl. “I especially like to write about relationships, friendships, politics and important cultural issues.”

Over the next few years, Upsahl will be spending most of her time in Los Angeles, working with producers and collaborators on another new album and bringing her irresistible music to the masses.

“I’m incredibly excited to see what’s next,” affirms Upsahl. “Not only has my sound evolved, but so have I.”
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