Night of the Living Fest @ 191 Toole

Night of the Living Fest & The Rialto Theatre Present

Night of the Living Fest @ 191 Toole

Bob Log III, Tweak Bird, Ashton and the Terrible, Nanami Ozone, Whispering Wires, Ex Bats, Foxx Bodies, MFSF, Tight Fright, Same Sex Mary, Sloths, ICe RoD, Kevin Dowling, Kevin Dowling, Gnarianna, The Band Ice Cream, JL6

Nov 04 Sat

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 1:00 pm

191 Toole

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

General Admission - Ends at 2:00 AM

Night of the Living Fest
Night of the Living Fest
Night of the Living Fest is a one-day music and art festival in Tucson, Arizona. It is an all-ages event showcasing artistic talent from all over United States. There will be national and local bands, live art, interactive coolness, unique wares and local vendors, hand-crafted games, weird rides, and much more.

Bob Log III
Tweak bird
Ashton and the Terrible
Nanami Ozone
Whispering Wires
Ex bats
Foxx Bodies
Tight Fright
Same Sex Mary
Kevin Dowling (formerly known as Kevin Dowling Fitness Hour)
The Band Ice Cream
Bob Log III
Bob Log III
So when you see a man in a jumpsuit and full-face helmet rigged up with a telephone receiver come barreling down the honky-tonk stairs in a lifeboat while beating away on a hollow-body guitar, don’t get out of the way. Jump right in there with him. And as long as you live, you’ll never forget what he taught you.Taipei Times December 2015

A man in a human cannonball suit soon appeared from a side door, his head completely obscured by a tinted black helmet, its front welded into a telephone which seemed to wirelessly amplify his voice to the audience. Bob Log III launched into a mind-blowing set, finger-picking his beaten-up black guitar for a sound of steel string blues and heavy rock n' roll. The sound was reminiscent of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion if it had to be categorised, but his music would be better described as Jerry Lee Lewis crossed with a little of Tom Waits' heavy industrial 2012

One would have to be in a pretty foul mood not to be entertained by the mysterious awesomeness of Bob Log III. Sure, his musical skills are something to behold, his one-man-band brand of blues/Americana displaying dexterity, creativity, and plenty of good old rock n' roll, but then there's his wacky persona. At Monday's packed Union Hall gig, Mr. Log leaped from behind the curtain that functions as the stage door in his signature getup: a full suit with bits of gold teasing at the bottom, and a dark-glassed racing helmet with a phone receiver wired as a mic. After a quick intro jam he shed the formality to reveal his shimmering gold full body suit, the very rocket man the audience had been waiting for, and burst into "Goddam Sounds Good" off the recently released My Shit Is Perfect.

Bob Log III's live shows are wild affairs. Bob likes to ride rubber dinghies across the heads of his audience and summon women onstage to stir his whiskey with their tits. 2009
Tweak Bird
Tweak Bird
    191 Toole
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