Bob Log III and his Great 'Murican B-Day Bash 4th of July Hot Dog Shoot Out

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Bob Log III and his Great 'Murican B-Day Bash 4th of July Hot Dog Shoot Out

The Jons, PORK TORTA, Dep't of Descriptive Services

Jul 03 Fri

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Rialto Theatre


This event is all ages

General Admission Standing Room w/Limited Festival Seating in Rear.

Bob Log III and his Great 'Murican B-Day Bash 4th of July Hot Dog Shoot Out
Bob Log III and his Great 'Murican B-Day Bash 4th of July Hot Dog Shoot Out
HOSTED BY: Magic Kenny & Romo Tonight

Bob Log III, hot dogs, confetti, bathing suits, a Great 'Murican B-Day Bash!

Bob Log III is an American, Slide Guitar, One Man Band. During performances, he plays old Silvertone Archtop guitars, wears a full body cannonball man suit, and a helmet wired to a telephone which allows him to devote his hands and feet to guitar and drums. The spectacle has been described as a guitar dance party, full of sweaty smiles, jumps and kicks. Touring over 150 shows a year in more than 30 countries, Log and his guitar never, ever quit. Bob Log's version of quick Delta blues is a continuation of the sound that Bob Log and Thermos pioneered in the duo, Doo Rag. The major differences are: greater emphasis on guitar showmanship, and drumming -one man band style-with his feet. It sounds like three drummers, two guitar players, and one sort of singer. Based in Tucson, Arizona, and Melbourne, Australia, he has made frequent tours of North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, Mexico, and Iceland.

His latest release, MY SHIT IS PERFECT, begins the onset of another slew of adventures. Geography be damned, Bob Log III intends to take these songs and his unique slide guitar party to the good people of the world. There is no town too remote, there never has been.
The Jons
The Jons
The Jons completed their debut album, Wine at the Hilltop, in the fall of 2002 and kept busy playing at many of the popular bars and venues around Tucson. After a successful west coast tour, The Jons began to attract bigger venues and audiences enamored by their blazing horn section and ability to rock in both English and Spanish at any given moment. With a complete band of 6 members and an arsenal of original music, The Jons have formed a cohesion that has allowed incredible accomplishments. They have played with the likes of,The English Beat,The Dismemberment Plan, the Gin Blossoms,Seether, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, Oh My God and international acts such as El TRI,Alex Lora,FOBiA,Alejandro Marcovich of Caifanes,Cafe Tacuba,KINKY,Los Amigos Invicibles,Babasonicos,Nortec Collective, Resorte, Aleks Syntek, Alejandra Guzman, and Enanitos Verdes. The Jons are currently in the process of recording their 4th studio album.
From deep within the briny, churning primordial sea, came forth the three headed octo-beast known only as "Porky". An era of darkness enveloped the world, as this beast rose from the waves and beat it's breast mercilessly with it's own tentacles. Chunks of fire rained from the sky; a sky that appeared to tear open and burn, the way blood gushes from a body when its being torn apart and devoured by wolves. This was a time beyond hell, beyond madness. Then, after all that was done, the Pork Torta came along and made people dance. They even wore purple shirts that said "DANCE", in case those people forgot what they were doing. They like Mexican food. They have to, they live in Tucson! Buy any of they're albums and you'll see, it tastes good. Hobo scientists say the best way to absorb the Torta is with your body, hold the speakers tight to your abdomen, turn it up very loud and rotate speaker positions over various organs. Don't forget to dance!!
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