Leonel García of Sin Bandera


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Self- taught by necessity, Leonel began to love music at a very young age thanks to the fact that his parents used it as “a glue” between moments  and experiences in life. After working with several producers and learned what  should and should not be done, he formed the duet Sin Bandera with Noel  Schajris, who he has been working with the last eight years. Leonel has been able to get to know part of the world on  a stage fueled by the energy of rhythm and blues, and gaining above all  friendships and experiences as well as some awards, such as Gold, Platinum  and Diamond Records, 5 Latin Grammys, American Grammy nominations, 12 Lo  Nuestro Awards, Oye Awards, Billboard, ASCAP, 4 Lunas del Auditorio, MTV  Video Music Awards, 2 Gold and 2 Silver Torches, Quinde of Gold and 3 Gold,  and 3 Silver Gaviotas at the Viña del Mar Festival.

As a composer and performer, Leonel has worked with Brian McKnight, Laura  Paussini, Alejandro Fernández, Manuel Mijares, Yuri, Pandora,  Ha-Ash, Pepe Aguilar, Kalimba, Jesse & Joy, Presuntos Implicados, Moderatto,  Aleks Syntek, Mario Domm, Ragazzi , Franco De Vita, Victor Manuelle, Jovannoti,  Aureo Baqueiro, Mauricio L. Arriaga, Jay de la Cueva, among others. In 2005 he  received the Billboard award for the best Latin composer.

He also obtains 9 SACM Success medals, placing himself as one of the authors  with most medals for his themes: “Que lloro”, “Te ví venir”, “Mientes tan bien”, “Me  dediqué a perderte”, “Te voy a perder”, “Confieso”, “Hasta la raìz”, and “En esta no”.

Now on his solo journey he has nine albums on the market. In 2008 he launched his solo project under the pseudonym of León Polar, a project of which,  he expresses: “it is a very personal album, full of things about people’s feelings,  with simple sounds but I tried to be precise in what I wanted people to experience  and feel with the voice as the central element and the lyrics as the essential part”.  In 2011 he released his first signed album under his own name Leonel García  “TÚ” and at the end of that year he released an album of original Christmas  songs called “Leonel García y Sus Amigos En Navidad”.

In 2013 the album “Todas Mías” went on sale, 11 songs of his authorship that  became hits in the voice of other great singers. In 2014, he made two albums, once  again under the name of Leon Polar Vida & Muerte and Amor Futuro, a  completely original album, with guests by Jorge Drexler, Reyli, Jesús Navarro  (Reik) Caloncho and Aureo Vaqueiro. This album was nominated in two  categories for Latin Grammy, and four more nominations as author of the song  “Hasta la Raíz”, a song included in Natalia Lafourcade’s album.

In 2016, he met again with Noel Schajris to put an end to the Sin Bandera  duet, releasing “Hasta Ahora”, an album that ends this project along with a Latin  American tour, which is currently the most important tour on the continent at the  level of collection and sale of tickets.


In 2018, besides finishing the tour with Sin Bandera, he launched a new  production in which, for the first time, he worked with three different producers,  Aureo Baqueiro, Martin Terefe and Rafael Arcaute.

In 2019, he joined again with Noel Schajris for a successful tour along with Camila which formed the 4Latidos Tour. The tour started in California in 2019 and quickly spread into a world tour due to a high demand.

In 2020 he produced and directed the album Amor Pasado, a Latin Grammy nominated album. In 2021 Leonel produced and directed 45RPM in which he also had  several Latin Grammy nominations. In 2022 “Ella Y Yo”, an intimate solo album  with guitar and voice recorded in one session in the Sony Music Studios in Mexico,  and his latest release El Mejor Hombre Que Hay and El Fin Del Mundo, which  will be part of the APPY/SAD album.

Now, according to his own words, he will keep exploring music until the last day. In 2022, Leonel announced his Acustico Tour in Mexico and is now expanding to the US for the first time as a solo artist.