Rialto Theatre Announces New Executive Director



Executive Leadership Transition at The Rialto Theatre and KXCI Community Radio:

The Rialto Theatre is excited to announce Cathy Rivers as the new Rialto Theatre Executive Director, effective June 1, 2021.

Cathy Rivers joins Rialto from KXCI Community Radio, a vital community partner. Since 2016, Cathy has played a crucial role in the growth, expansion, and success of KXCI. From diversifying programming and increasing the organizational budget, to launching KXCI’s Hotel Congress broadcast studio, Cathy–a 25-year veteran of radio, television, and live music–has led their growth with enthusiasm and nearly unparalleled experience in local community radio.

Rialto Theatre Foundation Board Chair, Kip Volpe, “Cathy Rivers is an experienced, talented, proven leader and the perfect person to guide the Rialto Theatre as it emerges from the current health and financial crisis on its way back to prosperity. She is an asset not only to downtown but all of Tucson.” 

Prior to her position as KXCI’s Executive Director, Cathy Rivers spent years in artist management, booking at Plush locations in St. Louis and Tucson, and as an on-air DJ and Programming Director at KXCI. Cathy’s deep roots in Tucson, paired with her passion for music and community, are informed by years as a local musician, community connector, and advocate of arts organizations throughout our region and beyond.

KXCI Board Chair, Kristi Lloyd, “We wish Cathy Rivers the best in her future endeavors and are confident that her leadership will help guide the Rialto Theatre back to its status as a thriving cornerstone of our community. On behalf of KXCI staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors, I thank Cathy Rivers for years of dedicated service to KXCI and to our community.”

Cathy Rivers, “The Rialto Theatre is a vital Tucson institution and a crucial part of downtown, and by extension, our entire community. It is crucial that she not only survive these unprecedented times, but thrive in spite of them. I am confident that my experience, combined with community trust, will aid in solidifying the Rialto’s place within the fabric of the Tucson community and expanding its local, regional, and national prominence.”

The Rialto Theatre wholeheartedly welcomes Cathy Rivers, and looks forward to the success, community engagement, and educational programs that will stem from her leadership.


Please reach out with any questions to:

Rialto Board Chair Kip Volpe: kvolpe@estesco.net

Cathy Rivers: (520) 979-0412 / cathy@kxci.org

KXCI Board Chair Kristi Lloyd: k2lloyd@earthlink.net