Staff Support Fund

Thank you for helping reach and surpass our Staff Support Fund Goal!
Because of the generous support of the donors listed at the bottom of the page, along with anonymous donors, we reached and surpassed our $15,000 Rialto Staff Support Fund goal and are distributing the funds to our furloughed hourly staff to help with immediate needs. Not only does this support help our staff during this challenging time, it also shows that our community cares about the Rialto and the people who make it the special place that it is, and that is priceless. Our deepest thanks to all who helped. We can’t wait to be sharing the music with you all again!

The Rialto Theatre, 191 Toole, and R Bar staff are more than just employees, they’re part of the community that keeps the Tucson music scene vibrant and growing. They work tirelessly to keep people safe and happy, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy a break from their worldly cares while they’re visiting our venues. They’re integral to the process of cultivating a thriving arts scene in Tucson.

With the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve had to shutter all three of our venues and furlough most of the Rialto Theatre Foundation staff for the foreseeable future. This is devastating for our staff members and their families, many of whom work multiple “gig” jobs that have similarly disappeared as part of the terrible consequences of this crisis.


We’re doing our best to help furloughed staff file for unemployment benefits, both state and federal, but many are in dire need of help now. We created this fund to help meet immediate needs like groceries during this historically unprecedented situation.  All donations made to this fund will be disbursed directly to them to help with rent and food needs while awaiting other sources of help.

We are including some perks for anyone who is able and willing to help out the real humans who keep the spirit of live performance and communal gathering alight in their hearts:

$5, $10, $25, $50 Donation – Our eternal love & gratitude and your name listed on our website thanking donors.

$75 Donation – Rialto t-shirt & sticker – We’ve got a nice selection of T-shirts, as well as plans for a special line of 100th Anniversary designs. We’ll coordinate T-shirt and sticker pick-up as soon as reasonably possible given current circumstances and guidance. You will also be listed on our website with our gratitude for your support.

$100 Donation – We’ll list your “Fantasy Concert Lineup” or special message on our Marquee and will snap a picture of it and e-mail it to you for you to use however you’d like – promote your band, propose to your beloved or celebrate your nuptials, or re-create that special concert that you missed. No overt profanity or derogatory language, excepting “FU CORONAVIRUS.”. You will also be listed on our website.


$150 Donation – We’ll list your “Fantasy Concert Lineup” or special message on our marquee as described above, and we will photoshop you and anyone else you like into the picture, or if we’re no longer sheltering in place, we can arrange to have a live photo taken. Plus the massive thanks on the website.


$500 Donation – All of the above – Special marquee message, T-shirt and sticker, PLUS a signed poster of your choice from our inventory of amazing signed posters. And the thanks and gratitude website listing which by now you know comes with all levels of donation.

$1,000 Donation – All of the above, PLUS 5 vouchers for 2 tickets each (10 tickets total!) to upcoming Rialto/191 Toole shows, to be redeemed once the Rialto Theatre venues are back up and running (not to mention the ol’ website gratitude listing).

$5,000+ Donation – All of the benefits of the $500 and below donation, plus a Rialto GOLDEN TICKET, which entitles the holder to 2 tickets to any Rialto Theatre or 191 Toole show for AN ENTIRE YEAR once we’re back in operation. Non-transferable, some restrictions apply. See details at And of course, for always and forever, our undying gratitude, which will be listed on our website.

CLICK HERE NOW to support the Rialto Staff Support GoFundMe Campaign. 100% of net earnings from this campaign will go directly into the pockets of furloughed Rialto Theatre Foundation staff.

Our music community will be back in full force as soon as it is safe to do so. We can’t wait to be back up & running and with you all again. ‘Til then, take care of yourselves and each other.

Curtis McCrary, Executive Director

Julie Ragland, Development Director

Sandy Ford, COO
The Rialto Theatre Foundation

And the Rialto Theatre Foundation Board of Directors
Christopher ‘Kip’ Volpe, President

Check out this video highlighting 100 years of the Rialto Theatre. Thank you for being a part of the Rialto’s story…

Big Thanks to these generous donors to the Rialto Staff Support Fund:

Leigh & Evan Balbona
Amy Barnhill
Walt Barnhill
Matthew Bautista
Rebekah Bedzyk
Bobbie Bell
Melanie & Ryan Berg
Margarita Bernal
David Billman
Adam & Jodi Blanchard
Bill Blattman
Mary Boyd
Richard Brown
Mike Browning
Jim Campbell
Michael Chiorazzi
Clariza Clark
Melissa Dalton
Fran Dostillio
Steve & Amy Dunn
Robert Edwards
Brian Ellerman
Cynthia Elliott
Ian Ellis
Delia Felix
Sandy Ford
Danny Friday
Alyssa Gallion
Kevin Gosner
James Grip
Don Guerra
Mike Halliday
Ryder Hartley
Beecher Howard
William Jacobs
Krislynn Jubenville
Bob Kee
Tana Kelch
Aileen Kenney
Kristopher Kerry
Holli Kiley
Steven Kuhn
Roger Leon
Scott Leonard
Cathy Licinio
Jonathan Lipp
Mario Lizarazu
Philip Macduff
Pam Maguire
Melissa & Joe Manas
Mark Martinez
Curtis McCrary
Dan Michalegko
Bruce Momich
Alejandro Monroy
Jared Moore
Emily Moxley
Rob Munshower
Francesca Pardes
Darren Peress
Sierra Phillips
Stacia Ramiller
Doyle Ray
Linda Ray
Heather Rivera Figueroa
Christopher Rodee
Mitchell Ross
Lara Ruggles
Demaretta Rush
Stephen Seigel
Valerie Sipp
Kari Slingerland
Don Snyder
Dianne Sorenson
Tim Spahn
Gary Spangenberg
Adam Stewart
Craig Sumberg
Cheron Taylor
James Terrones
Michelle Vallejo
Lisa Wagenheim
Steve Wagner
Trudy Wells
Betsy Wilkening
Cristina Williams
James Terrones
Michelle Vallejo
Lisa Wagenheim
Steve Wagner
Trudy Wells
Betsy Wilkening
Cristina Williams