Will my son or daughter be safe at a concert?

We strive to make the Rialto safe for all patrons and we ensure that each show has a substantial security presence that is commensurate with the nature and number of attendees. For obvious reasons, the security requirements for heavy metal shows are greater than what is needed for, say, cuddlecore. The best guideline here is to know your kid and what they can handle at their age. But any security or conflict issues that come up during the course of a show will be handled professionally with an emphasis on protecting the patron.

I need to request a refund. How can I do that?

The Rialto Theatre does not grant refunds or exchanges for any currently scheduled shows. 

For rescheduled events:  Original tickets are still valid for the new date, or you may opt for 100% refund if you are not able to attend the new date. Redeemable 30 days from the announced reschedule. 

For cancelled events: Purchasers for events that have been cancelled will receive a 100% refund on their tickets. 

What’s the bathroom situation like?

There is a men’s main bathroom, a women’s main bathroom, with handicap-accessible stalls. There are occasionally lines, but we see them as opportunities to learn patience.

Is the Rialto Theatre hiring right now?

While we don’t frequently have job openings, you are more than welcome to drop off your resume or fill out an application at the Box Office Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-5pm, or express interest via email at [email protected] Anyone is welcome to put in an application to work at the Rialto Theatre. We will pass all information along to the appropriate hiring manager.

Can I bring my brass knuckles, Bowie knife, wallet chain, caribiner, bazooka, or nunchuks to the concert? What about a firearm?

HECK NO, what are you, some kind of maniac? We apologize about having to confiscate chains or caribiners, but to the extent they can be used as weapons, we cannot have them in the Theatre. And Bowie knifes are sorta cool because Bowie (David OR Sam) but come on already with this question! Who wrote this? Jeez.

We also don’t permit anyone to enter the Theatre with a firearm, concealed or open carry. Yeah, yeah, it’s Arizona, and 2nd Amendment and all, but ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? No guns in the concert venue!

When you come to a show you are always given the option of returning such items to your car or anywhere else you wanna stash them, but if you elect not to do so, we take the items and do not return them, no matter how much crap you give us.

Can I meet the band?

Usually meeting the artist is not possible unless there’s an officially arranged meet-and-greet which is usually set up via an artist’s fan club or website. Some artists offer VIP meet-and-greets at a higher ticket price,which is typically available on Ticketmaster.com or the artists’ page. The Rialto Theatre does not sell backstage passes that guarantee the opportunity to meet artists.

Can I purchase verified tickets to your shows on SeatGeek, Stub Hub, Tickets On Sale or any other site?

NO. We DO NOT sell tickets on Tickets On Sale, Seat Geek, Stub Hub, Vivid Seats or any other third party resale sites nor do we have the ability to assist with any third party purchasing issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email us and ask before you purchase! Emails can be directed to [email protected]

We strongly suggest you purchase tickets only from the box office directly, Ticketmaster.com,  rialtotheatre.com and local Bookman’s locations. The Rialto Theatre does not advise purchasing tickets from craigslist, ebay, third party ticket resellers/scalpers, street vendors, or other private parties and cannot guarantee the validity and subsequent admission on such tickets. We are not responsible for refunds in the event of a show reschedule or cancellation of any third party purchased tickets. The Rialto Theatre is not responsible for account/ticket issues taking place due to third party purchasing, and all inquiries must instead be directed to the third party that was purchased from by the purchaser themselves.