Not a question, but more importantly, what are you, Sigmund Freud? Music, Comedy, Film, Dance Parties, Fundraisers, (public) Speakers, and one day, Square Dances (seriously, anyone that wants to bring squaredancing to the Rialto, message us through the contact page).

We book bands and performers of all genres, including Normcore, Donkey-tonk, Dub-schlep, Nintendoughcore, Crumb-Step, Corecore, Sluteswave, Ethereal Wave, Wave, Sauer Krautrock, Classicbilly, Chamber Punk, Miami Cubase, Moon-Unitbahton, Sandalgaze, Home house, Craptronica, Rock and jiggle, Slap-and-tickle, Plop punk, Gregorian Pop, Kristronica, Paleosoul, Darth Wave, Vegancore,  Sino disco, Provost rock, Seoul soul, Kade-step, Wrap, Strip-hop, Shemo, Gleemo, Elmo, and Emotioncore, Contra bossanova, Prague rock, Flanbient, Calexicore, Polka-gaze, Reggaesynthcorewavebeat, Corinthian metal, and of course, Toose-beat.

Beck to (Bela) Fleck. X to The xx to Nofx. KRS-One to 21 Pilots to Tech N9ne to 311. Foster the People to Cage the Elephant to Young the Giant. Lauryn Hill to Jimmy Cliff. Rev. Horton Heat to Father John Misty to St. Vincent. Paul Oakenfold to Pauly Shore. Modest Mouse to Old Crow Medicine Show to Arctic Monkeys. Sonic Youth to Malignus Youth. Hey this is pretty fun, but we won’t keep you. Bottom line — The Rialto hosts a broad array of performers and talent, including rock bands, jam bands, bandsa make her dance, comedians, heavy metal, hip hop, film, jazz, flamenco, country, skiffle, indie rock, and any of the aforementioned genres we just made up – you name it, we have hosted it. Except chamber music. That belongs in chambers only.

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