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Chateau Chateau



Chateau Chateau is celebrating the release of their newest album! Released May 6, Grow Up is the band’s debut release for Kill Rock Stars, and tells the coming of age story of frontperson Bleu, who dedicates each song to different toxic relationships throughout their life. Dealing with mental illness, addiction, abuse, and more, they turn these stories into upbeat, danceable synth pop songs, staying true to Chateau.   Equal parts melancholy and glitter, Chateau Chateau is an evolving community of musicians from Tuscon, Arizona making cathartic indie pop for weirdos, outcasts, queer folks, and anyone else who needs it. Formed in 2018, the band is led by Bleu and Alex, a DIY-minded duo who transform things that are traditionally ugly, abstract, and leftover, into new shiny and special forms. Although their songs explore dark subjects, Chateau Chateau channels their anguish into upbeat tracks packed with grim humor and messages of resilience.   Catch their hometown album release show, where they will be going all out for their favorite city. They’ll have everything you love about their shows, the confetti cannons, disco balls, porops,  and brand new merch for the album including limited edition red vinyls!

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