The Rialto Theatre Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the stewardship and management of the historic Rialto Theatre. Our members, donors, supporters, and community partners make this work possible.

The Rialto Theatre first opened its doors in 1920 hosting vaudeville shows including dance, comedy, and singing, interspersed with newsreels, cartoons, and short-subject silent films. Almost a century later, the Rialto continues to host a broad array of performers and talent, including rock bands, comedians, jazz musicians, film, flamenco, country, and childen’s performers. In fact, since the Rialto re-opened its doors in 2005, we have brought more than three-quarters of a million people to downtown Tucson.

Since the Rialto Foundation is charged with ensuring that Rialto Theatre continues to bring quality entertainment to the Tucson community, we are asking for your help to safeguard this historic cornerstone of downtown.