Want to know something about some aspect of Rialto Operation? It’s probably been asked before. Find your answer here. Knowledge is power, so be mindful of power outages!

Nope sorry, Will Call tickets will be available for pick-up 1 hour prior to the Doors time on the night of the show only!

What is this, Frequently Made Statements? Haha.

It’s important to us that Rialto patrons have a satisfactory experience. If you’re having an issue on the night of a show, ask to speak to a manager, who will go out of their way to help you. If it’s before the show has happened, please call us at (520) 740-1000 and we’ll get it straightened out for you.


Sure, if it’s not too busy. The sweet spot is about 10-15 minutes into the headlining set… you should be able to buy a ticket with no lines! Try to use good judgment about this though.

There is definitively No Re-entry, ever, for those under the age of 21. This is because we were once under 21, and we know what yinz get up to when you’re allowed to leave and come back. For adults of legal drinking age, it depends on the show, but as with most theatre-sized concert venues, re-entry is usually not allowed. Keep this in mind when planning your evening. It’s our sincere hope that things will be so scintillating here, you’ll never want to leave. But you’ll have to at some point.

No smoking of any kind is permitted inside the Theatre. You can smoke outside on the Patio or not at all. We know that eCigs aren’t really bothersome to other patrons but we still ask that you please smoke them outside just like any other smoking product. We are not doing that to hassle you, man. We swear. Chillbros all the way, but don’t cross us!

Um, that’s not really a question. The type of touring bands that play the Rialto frequently have support bands on tour with them. Whether a local gets to play as support is totally the headliner’s call, and it doesn’t happen all that often, but sometimes, yeah.  When there is an opening slot available, we look to fill it with bands that have a proven draw and that go well with the headliner. We do what we can for locals, but we’re constrained by circumstance. Take some comfort in the knowledge that once Cronut Body gets huge, it’ll be so satisfying to completely snub us.

First you might want to get a little perspective. We recommend you look at the shows we have coming up and count the number of things you have in common with acts that play here regularly. If one of those things isn’t “we have a big following in Tucson” then you gon’ need to give yourself a Reality Check and save us the time of doing it for you.

Ok, you’ve kept reading. Here is your Reality Check:  The Rialto is a big venue, and unless your band is a touring act with a sizable national following (in which case your agent is booking you and you’re not scouring our FAQ), or you’re local band that draws hundreds of people (there can only be two of those at any one time,  like Sith Lords. No, seriously!), the Rialto is probably too big for Broner and Cyster (ew, you might want to rethink that name — sounds made-up).

If you’re packing them in (SOLD OUT) on a regular basis (several times, minimally) at clubs and smaller venues, then perhaps a show might work. Send inquiries to b00king at rialtotheatre (dot) (com). Note that that email address uses zeroes instead of the letter “O”. You can also mail a press kit to P.O. Box 1728, Tucson, AZ 85702 Attn: Booking. But don’t do that. Seriously. It’s 2014 FFS.

Please do not stop by the Theatre or expect to discuss your band with anyone in person. Phone calls are discouraged as well, because if we fielded every call from every group of miscreants with a mySpace page and bad hair looking to get booked, how would we find time to sort all the brown M&Ms out?

Yup. It still gets pretty warm sometimes, what with all you kids sweatin’ all over the place, with your hippity hop and whatnot.

Providing a secure and easy-to-use ticketing service is a priority of ours, but it presents certain costs – printing, service provider, box office labor, ticket stock, credit card fees, etc. To recoup those costs, we apply fees to ticket purchases.

Without boring you with a dissertation on the ticket fee puzzle (that people way smarter than us have yet to figure out), it is simply the case that ticketing fees are part of the live music business for reasons that are surprisingly complicated. A sticky wicket! But if you ever buttonhole us in a bar and want an in-depth answer, it’s something we may explain to you in greater detail than you ever thought possible. So don’t do that.

Maybe. If you catch us at the right time and we’re not busy, then perhaps we can grab one for you. Sometimes we simply cannot do it. However, if you wanted to make a small donation toward our lunch fund, then the answer will probably be yes.


You wouldn’t believe how frequently. The phone rings non-stop. Why, here’s a caller right now wondering what time “The Croods 3D” is playing.

Why can’t “you” just ask a “question,” man? Usually this is not possible unless there’s an officially-arranged meet-and-greet which is usually set up via an artist’s fan club or website. Some artists will sign items in the lobby after a performance. Some artists offer VIP meet-and-greets at a higher ticket price. The Rialto does not sell “backstage passes.” Typically the only way to get backstage at all is if you’re on the crew working or you know someone in the band personally. From our perspective, being “backstage” is pretty overrated as a phenomenon anyway, unless for some reason you really enjoy getting ignored by slightly famous people.

HECK NO, what are you, some kind of maniac? We apologize about having to confiscate chains or caribiners, but to the extent they can be used as weapons, we cannot have them in the Theatre. And Bowie knifes are sorta cool because Bowie (David OR Sam) but come on already with this question! Who wrote this? Jeez.

We also don’t permit anyone to enter the Theatre with a firearm, concealed or open carry. Yeah, yeah, it’s Arizona, and 2nd Amendment and all, but ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? No guns in the concert venue!

When you come to a show you are always given the option of returning such items to your car or anywhere else you wanna stash them, but if you elect not to do so, we take the items and do not return them, no matter how much crap you give us.

What about them? Oh, oh I’m sorry, that’s right, this is an FAQ. Well, so you’re wondering about volunteering, is that right? Well why don’t you reach out to one of us via the Contact page and we’ll see if we can use your particular skill set! If you are interested in ushering on occasion, that’s what we find ourselves needing most frequently.

If you are interested in being an intern, again, reach out via the Contact page but it’s advisable you have it all lined up with your academic adviser so that you can get school credit. We’ll find some junk for you to do, right Kristin?

Eh, not really. Anyone is welcome to put in an application to work at the Rialto Theatre. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other arbitrary criterion. But we don’t have job openings all that frequently. Still, drop off your resume or fill out an application anytime between 12-6 Mon-Sat and we’ll at least peruse it before we file it. YOU NEVER KNOW!

There is a men’s main bathroom, a women’s main bathroom, with handicap-accessible stalls. There are occasionally lines, but we see them as opportunities to learn patience.

Sorry, Rialto Theatre ticket purchases are non-refundable. No exceptions. Good luck with the talent competition, however. One word of advice: rhinestones.

We strive to make the Rialto safe for all patrons and we ensure that each show has a substantial security presence that is commensurate with the nature and number of attendees. For obvious reasons, the security requirements for heavy metal shows are greater than what is needed for, say, cuddlecore. The best guideline here is to know your kid and what they can handle at their age. But any security or conflict issues that come up during the course of a show will be handled professionally with an emphasis on protecting the patron.

See here for more info. The shortest answer is that there are two very close by parking garages that are your best bet. We know some of you are crafty devils and you know all the parking tricks. These days, though, that magic no longer holds much power!

Please contact the Box Office at (520) 740-1000 in advance of a show you will be attending, and we will make sure you are well looked-after regardless of the nature of the show.

Rialto show seating falls into three categories: Reserved Seating, meaning that every ticket represents an assigned seat; General Admission Seated, meaning there isn’t assigned seating, but there will be enough seats for all in attendance (as in a movie theater); and General Admission, which essentially means “Standing Room Only.”

For General Admission shows, there will be either Reserved Seating available in the balcony if it’s a larger show, or there will be seats made available at the back of the main floor area or in the balcony on a first-come first-served basis. We also make seating available to anyone with special needs – ie, you recently broke your leg, or you’re pregnant (congrats!) or you have a disability and would like to sit down. If standing up is against your religion, we will accommodate you, but we will need a notarized document which states this tenet of your belief system that is signed by your High Priest. Nice try, Pastafarians, but we have researched your website and have found nothing that verifies what that one guy Daryl said.

No, this is generally a terrible idea. Young children’s ears are sensitive and subjecting them to loud music without serious ear protection is bad for them, not to mention the other things that might not be good for a baby, such as BEING DROPPED IN THE MOSH PIT*. We reserve the right to refuse service to infants and even most toddlers. And if they put up a fight, we have a distinct size advantage.

(*note: we also frown on mosh pits)

Most shows at Rialto are “all ages” but we have some informal limits – it’s generally not a good idea to bring a child younger than 6 to any show, but this is an absolute rule at shows with reserved seating, because bringing a restless young child affects people in the seats near you.

We do not allow children under the age of 14 without adult supervision. The exception to these rules arises on occasions where the Rialto hosts a show geared specifically toward young children, because, duh.

We have no maximum age limit. You hear that, decagenarians? WE WANT YOU HERE. Seriously, let us know, we’ll help. We want bragging rights at annual conferences — “Well, sure, Madison Square Garden is one of the premier event venues in the world — but how many DECAGENARIANS have been guests there?”

Yes, the Rialto serves beer, wine and cocktails in addition to energy drinks, various sodas, and good old-fashioned water. Service of alcoholic beverages is of course limited to those 21 years of age and older, and strictly enforced.

We don’t have much in the way of food offerings, but we have a popcorn machine and a fine assortment of chips available for snacking. Besides, you really want to check out any of the fine establishments nearby, including but not limited to the Cup Cafe at Hotel CongressThunder Canyon BreweryMaynard’s Market & KitchenDiablo BurgerPencaGood Oak Bar (serves food as well!), ObonFired PieHub Restaurant & CreameryPlaygroundthe Coronet at the CoronadoDowntown Kitchen and Bar, and Empire Pizza. Those are all within 100 yards. Within 1/2 mile of Rialto there are another couple dozen restaurants. Seriously, if you want to get a bite before or after the show, and be within walking distance, there’s probably no better place in any city anywhere — we have an embarrassment of culinary riches right outside our front door. It’s awesome.

Practice, practice, practice.

But seriously:

Here it is on Google maps with some very fine nearby food and beverage establishments, as well as the locations of the three nearby parking garages, including two within 50 yards of the front entrance.

Click anywhere on this site where you see the sweet “Tickets” ticket icon (it changes color on hover! TECH!) to buy tickets to that event via our provider Ticketmaster. You can also buy them via our Facebook page on the “Buy Tickets” tab, which also connects via Ticketmaster.

Tickets may also be purchased at the Rialto Theatre Box Office, located at the front of the Theatre at 318 E. Congress. Regular hours of operation are 12-6 pm on Monday thru Saturday. During those same hours, tickets may be purchased by phone by dialing 740-1000.

You can also purchase tickets at Bookmans stores in Tucson, open from 9 am to 10 pm daily.

The box office stays open on show nights until approximately one half-hour before the show is scheduled to end.

The guys standing on corners asking if you have tickets before certain of our shows, we generally advise staying away from them.

Not a question, but more importantly, what are you, Sigmund Freud? Music, Comedy, Film, Dance Parties, Fundraisers, (public) Speakers, and one day, Square Dances (seriously, anyone that wants to bring squaredancing to the Rialto, message us through the contact page).

We book bands and performers of all genres, including Normcore, Donkey-tonk, Dub-schlep, Nintendoughcore, Crumb-Step, Corecore, Sluteswave, Ethereal Wave, Wave, Sauer Krautrock, Classicbilly, Chamber Punk, Miami Cubase, Moon-Unitbahton, Sandalgaze, Home house, Craptronica, Rock and jiggle, Slap-and-tickle, Plop punk, Gregorian Pop, Kristronica, Paleosoul, Darth Wave, Vegancore,  Sino disco, Provost rock, Seoul soul, Kade-step, Wrap, Strip-hop, Shemo, Gleemo, Elmo, and Emotioncore, Contra bossanova, Prague rock, Flanbient, Calexicore, Polka-gaze, Reggaesynthcorewavebeat, Corinthian metal, and of course, Toose-beat.

Beck to (Bela) Fleck. X to The xx to Nofx. KRS-One to 21 Pilots to Tech N9ne to 311. Foster the People to Cage the Elephant to Young the Giant. Lauryn Hill to Jimmy Cliff. Rev. Horton Heat to Father John Misty to St. Vincent. Paul Oakenfold to Pauly Shore. Modest Mouse to Old Crow Medicine Show to Arctic Monkeys. Sonic Youth to Malignus Youth. Hey this is pretty fun, but we won’t keep you. Bottom line — The Rialto hosts a broad array of performers and talent, including rock bands, jam bands, bandsa make her dance, comedians, heavy metal, hip hop, film, jazz, flamenco, country, skiffle, indie rock, and any of the aforementioned genres we just made up – you name it, we have hosted it. Except chamber music. That belongs in chambers only.

Well, the good news is that you’re already on the Rialto Theatre’s website, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Unless, of course, a friend printed it out for you or something, but that doesn’t even make sense. Or maybe you’re part of a couple and one of you doesn’t like to go online, and the other is content to read things aloud, but inevitably the one gets annoyed and says “JUST GIVE IT TO ME” and then puts on their reading glasses, and, you get the picture. Hopefully.

This here Rialto website is probably the best place to find detailed show information, and you can also purchase tickets directly from here. You can also sign up for our email list quite easily from the homepage, just look on the upper right and there’s a box where you just pop it right in! In addition to that, we run advertising in a wide array of places and locations, online and offline, which should give you a good overview of goings-on at Rialto. Then there’s always the Box Office, reachable at (520) 740-1000 from 12-6 pm Monday-Saturday.

The Rialto Theatre Foundation, doing business as The Rialto Theatre, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the stewardship of the historic Rialto Theatre and to offering the most diverse possible array of entertainment for Tucson and its denizens and visitors. By which we mean, bands, comedy, drag shows, speakers, the occasional film screening, etc. We probably would turn our noses up if you came at us with a full-on mime show, though. But that’s just the reality we’re all living in.

To provide a safer environment for the public and significantly expedite fan entry into our venues, Rialto Theatre & 191 Toole will be instituting a clear bag policy on March 1st, 2022.

The policy limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into our venues. The following is a list of bags that will be accepted for entry:

  • Bags that are clear plastic or vinyl and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar)
  • Small clutch bags, approximately 5” x 7”

All bags subject to search.

Clear bags are available for sale at the box office.