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Set It Off

“No one should be able to decide your fate but you.” The three members of Set It Off are embracing their newfound status as an independent band by breaking the chains that once held them back. That is, letting go of the disillusionment, societal pressure, and online criticism that torments artists in the 21st century. Social media is pulling the strings, and the expectation to satisfy everyone else’s expectations is a heavy cross to bear. But the trio is done with the puppetry and entering a new era of prioritizing freedom over the fear of failure. Blending a vast spectrum of sonic influences, writing music is a means of catharsis for Set It Off. And their most recent singles prove that the genre-bending band is here to stay. From the unapologetically theatrical “Evil People” to the nu-metal charged “Punching Bag,” their latest catalog additions are nothing short of vibrant. Independence has reinvigorated Cody Carson (singer/lyricist), Zach DeWall (guitarist), and Maxx Danziger (drummer) to create a world that’s entirely new yet reminiscent of the sparks they felt during the release cycle of their debut record, Cinematics (2012). Emphasizing breaking the dopamine loop and finding true fulfillment means making music and visuals from the heart. And over a decade later, the trio’s sincerity continues to resonate with fans. It is this unvarnished honesty that has landed the rock act rotation on radio stations like Sirius XM’s Octane, a milestone that the guys take pride in. “We feel like we’re a new band again,” drummer Maxx Danziger says. “This is the most fun we’ve ever had, and we’re going to keep chasing that feeling. We want to take over the world.” So what’s next for Set It Off? Expect a slew of new singles in 2024 and an elevated live show. But most importantly, prepare for the continued evolution of one of the hardest-working rock bands. Only this time, they’re the ones calling the shots.

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