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Something Like Appropriate

ABOUT Something Like Appropriate


a quiet, under lubricated yet surprisingly satisfying metropolis in the desert. Step forward, Something Like Appropriate. The band formed in 2017 after Zach, Jason and John decided they wanted to recapture a sound and energy that was prevalent in their formative years, but that they felt was lacking in the modern Pop Music landscape.

By combining drums fast enough to spank the pants off a perfectly undeserving stranger, bass so grizzly it could claw your boyfriend’s beard back to its prepubescent waking, and guitars, that, well (honestly they just sound like guitars), SLA is able to showcase a sound and attitude that can provoke that helplessly beaten and repressed spirit of yours to aggressively reawaken with a “cured ED” type vengeance!

Now, without further ado, please, spread your ear holes wide, turn up your listening apparatus to a comfortably numbing volume, and with brisk intention, go SLA yourselves!!

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