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Spray Allen



Brought together by skateboard icon Danny Way, Spray Allen is an alternative rock band with a “new psychedelic” blend of ‘70s and ‘90s influences. Founded by drummer Wade Youman (Unwritten Law, Demasiado) and bassist Eric Wilson (Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars), the group includes two singer-guitarists formerly with Late Night Episode, Daniel Lonner and Eric Sherman. After meeting in the desert to jam on some initial tracks, "We all moved into Eric Wilson’s place together and continued making music." according to drummer Wade Youman. "Then we started playing small parties and shows around Poway and North county. At first, we called the band W.E.E.D. - which is an acronym for Wade, Eric, Eric, and Daniel - but we eventually changed the name to Spray Allen. The definition of Spray Allen can be found online. When Covid, hit we all just locked in and started writing more and more. Eventually, we had like 60 songs and made demos of them, then Wilson sent them to Paul Leary. Next thing you know, we're off to record a record at Sonic Ranch Studios outside El Paso in Texas with Paul Leary coming out of retirement to produce it. The experience at sonic ranch was magical."

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