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A performance-charged, genre-bending rock spectacle, STUNTDRIVER (STDR) began as a solo character-driven project that quickly evolved into a fully immersive concept for its debut record “Saga.” The album was brought to life with actors, dancers, & a full band in matching white “Diva” Knievel suits on a Yellow Brick Road-type set that led the audience through an interactive, live album experience. STDR then hit the road opening for Peaches sold-out 20th anniversary tour and slimmed down to a slick touring group. Drawing inspiration from Siouxsie Sioux, Peaches, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers and even Hole, STDR delivers an infectious, bass-driven, dark-synth laced, heavy electro, art rock soundtrack to the crowd as they're seduced out of comfort zones while simultaneously feeling as though they’ve succeeded in making the world a more inhabitable place. The titillating live show feels like walking into a party co-hosted by Pee Wee Herman & Elvira in an outer-space Salvador Dalí painting with Dr. Frank-N-Furter & their rocky horror gang, Barbarella, Cindy Sherman, & Evel Knievel in attendance. The woman who dazzles art & rock crowds alike with alter-egos, couture racing-inspired attire, a human tunnel, and loud post-punk sing-a-longs, is Kym Priess, multi-instrumentalist, singer, & comedically-swayed performance artist. Sometimes she does it all solo; sometimes she's accompanied by John Avila (OingoBoingo), Anton Söder, & Jimmy Lucido (Gary Numan, Electric Six.) Each show is its own supersonic adventure. Drive on in.

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