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The Rialto Theatre Foundation receives generous support from the following partners

T3R Elemento


 To provide a safer environment for the public and significantly expedite fan entry into our venues, Rialto Theatre & 191 Toole have instituted a clear bag policy as of March 1st, 2022. The policy limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into our venues. The following is a list of bags that will be accepted for entry: Bags that are clear plastic or vinyl and do not exceed 12in x 6in x 12in One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziplok bag or similar) Small clutch bags, approximately 5in x 7in All bags subject to search. Clear bags are available for sale at the box office.




T3R Elemento is a Regional Mexican quartet whose videos and digital singles reflect a youthful take on the alternative corrido movement. Their 2017 debut album, Underground, spawned a Top Latin Songs chart single with "Rafa Caro." They continued to reach the Top 30 of Billboard's Latin Albums chart with 2018's The Green Trip and 2019's Buenas Vibras. More vibrant albums arrived with 2020's Nuestra Ola, 2021's Exotic Corridos, and 2022's La Divinidad Femenina. Hailing from Los Angeles County and Las Vegas, Nevada, T3R Elemento was founded in 2015 by then-14-year-old singer Kristopher Nava, Felipe Prieto on requinto, Sergio Cardenas on electric guitar and tuba, and accordionist Zeus Gamez. Inspired by Gerardo Ortiz, Regulo Caro, and many other alterna-movimiento artists, the quartet began performing the party and high school circuit with covers of narco and traditional corridos from of the Culiacán, Sinaloa tradition. They released live videos to YouTube and homemade digital singles to various streaming and download services. The many posts of their live shows on YouTube prompted the A&R executives at Parra Music to sign them. The band's 2016 debut release for the label was a live offering entitled Rafael Caro Quintero (En Vivo) (named for the Guadalajara Cartel founder), and it assembled a host of covers and originals. The studio recording of "Rafa Caro" was issued in July 2017 as the first offering from T3R Elemento's debut studio full-length, Underground, issued in November. The single placed at 44 on the Top Latin Songs chart. The live set Underground: En Vivo arrived in 2018, followed by The Green Trip later that November; the latter release hit number five on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart. In 2019, the group returned with their third studio effort, Buenas Vibras, which landed at number 26 on the Top Latin Albums chart. A fourth full-length, Nuestra Ola, arrived in November 2020. The following year, T3R Elemento released another studio and live album combination with Exotic Corridos and Exotic Corridos: En Vivo. The band's sixth full-length studio album, La Divinidad Femenina, arrived in 2022.

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