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The Rialto Theatre Foundation

The Rialto Theatre Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the stewardship and preservation of the historic Rialto Theatre, a unique entertainment venue and cornerstone of downtown Tucson, offering a broad range of high-quality performing arts that are reflective of the diverse and vibrant community it serves. 

Current board members include:

  • Sara Perotti (President)
  • Kip Volpe (Vice President)
  • Matt Thrasher (Treasurer)
  • Polly White (Secretary)
  • Elizabeth Burden
  • Michael Chiorazzi
  • Michael Crawford
  • Michael Duran
  • Chris Eldridge
  • Cindy Elliot
  • John Farlow
  • Raynu Fernando
  • Matt Luck
  • John O’Dowd
  • Hubert Parker
  • Anthony Ronstadt
  • Jim Rosborough
  • Justin Ruggieri
  • Calline Sanchez
  • Don Snyder
  • Carole Tonigan
  • Melissa Vito
  • Lisa Wagenheim