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Anchorbaby is a solo project from Ricky Shimo of Tucson's own Lenguas Largas. Anchorbaby music leans heavily into a hypnotic mix of mid-'60s exoticism, Brazilian music worship, and psychedelic rock. They're embarking on their first tour, into the west coast,  joining Built to Spill on their tour up to Canada. Kickoff
show with excellent company; Mute Swan and Freezing hands are joining this party
Life on a border has always been about exchange, mixing, gray areas, birth of the new from two (or more...usually more) different entities. Its where two separate things rub against each other. Anyone that has ever lived near one knows "cultural appropriation" is as natural as breathing, and no one suffers because of it.
Ricky Shimo is a product of such an environment and it shows. Immersed in heavy metal and punk as equally as norteno and corridos. Enjoying pizza and burgers with the same relish as pozole and carne asada. Coca-cola...tamarindo...its all brown to him. Co-founder of Lenguas Largas, a member of the Resonars live, as well as plenty of other he offers up his own sound unwatered down by others vision. A tropicalia Zombies performing the soundtrack for some early 70s giallo is the best I can offer as verbiage trying to encapsulate the sonic journey you're about to embark on.  

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