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benches is a Southern California group consisting of Anson Kelley (vocals/guitar), Ethan Bowers (drums), Evan Ojeda (lead guitar), and Charlie Baird (bass).
Reminiscent of both the ceremonious majesty of 90’s Britpop and the insouciance of 2000’s NY rock, the band’s heart is rooted in defining the sound of bittersweet: A blend of joy and sadness, wrapped up into infectious indie rock.
Unabashedly celebrating the naivete of youth, and the excitement and worries that come with getting older, Anson Kelley frequently draws inspiration from the travails of navigating a society where norms are exploded daily and the chaotic backdrop is full of hurdles to your sanity – from evolving technology to fragmenting social relationships.
Following the success of earlier singles such as Angry Lizard Noise and Monodrama benches worked with Grammy-nominated producer Martin Cooke on increasingly complex and nuanced songs, resulting in the release of 3 tracks in 2022, including the standout Violent. They’re currently finishing an EP to be released spring 2024 to coincide with upcoming tour and festival dates.
The band have played with notable acts such as Foster The People, Inhaler, Blossoms, Dave Keuning (The Killers) and Louis XIV, and previously toured the US with Ultra Q, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, The Red Pears and Late Night Drive Home.

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