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Cinderella's Tom Keifer

The former singer, songwriter, frontman of rock band Cinderella, Tom Keifer, is enjoying continued success with solo releases “The Way Life Goes” & “RISE”. Though he possesses all the fire and brimstone of Rock’s greatest front men, you would be hard pressed to find the versatility and dimension that Keifer brings to a stage. Combine that with #keiferband, Savannah Keifer, Tony Higbee, Billy Mercer, Kendra Chantelle, Kory Myers, Jarred Pope... And get a high energy rock show combining the classic hits of Cinderella with new faves from his solo releases that will only leave you wanting more. #keiferband 's latest, “RISE” (Billboard Top 10 Hard Rock Sales) released Sept 13th, 2019 features rousing rock singles, “The Death of Me” & “HYPE”. Produced by Tom Keifer, Savannah Keifer, Kyle O’Connor, RISE signifies the ongoing evolution of the former Cinderella frontman...

"A gem of a record that feels totally vibrant for today. Moments that shine best here are “Touching The Divine”, “The Death of Me”, “Waiting On The Demons” & “HYPE”. Keifer’s second act is something to rise up & cheer" – Chad Childers, LOUDWIRE RISE Top 50 albums of 2019

“On RISE, KEIFER is showing the kids and his contemporaries how it’s done. Well done #keiferband. 5.0 out of 5.0” - Ruben Mosqueda, KNAC RISE #3 Top 10 albums 2019

“In sum, with RISE, TOM KEIFER succeeds in proving (once again) to be an artist who knows no creative boundaries and remains in a league of his own.” - Christopher Long,

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