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Corb Lund

A rural Albertan hailing from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with a long family lineage ofranchers and rodeo people, Lund is about as authentic as they come, and equally as hard todefine.The western Canadian singer-songwriter is an elusive artist—onstage, offstage, and in thestudio—seamlessly weaving between the outlaw country, Western, and indie-folk realms withan honest curiosity and rowdy devotion to each. He was raised with the tried and true DIYsentiment of “if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself” launching his careerrecording in his basement, printing his own shirts, booking his own tours, being his ownmanager and publicist... whatever it took to get it done. He toured for years with the indie-metal bandthe smalls, and later turned his sights to writing Western songs, creating a uniqueand quirky hybrid writing style along the way. He has received multiple domestic andinternational award nominations and wins. In2022, Lund won his 14th career Canadian CountryMusic Award and made his debut at the historic Grand Ole Opry earlier this year as well. Hisalbum of originals,El Viejo, is due February 2024.

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