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Eric Johnson



Austin, Texas…Eric Johnson has been traveling on a prolific odyssey over the course of more than four decades. Along the way, his creations have encompassed repertoire that cross  pollinate genres which include rock, blues, jazz, fusion, soul, folk, new-age, classical and even  country. Inevitably, E.J. says it best in sharing, “It really boils down to the music and the song at  the end of the day”, he explains, “If it doesn’t have that it gets boring for me. The most  important thing for me is to grow musically and make a more expansive and meaningful artistic  statement with every new project”.   During the pandemic, the Grammy-winning guitarist, vocalist, composer, and multi instrumentalist released weekly donation-based “Mini Guitar Lessons” benefiting Food  Banks across the country and worked in the studio on previously un-released tracks and new  recordings. These tracks resulted in the release of new 2 records entitled “The Book Of Making”  and “Yesterday Meets Today” in July of 2022 on Blue Élan Records. The purchase of both  albums includes the keys to a third album, “Takeouts” which includes unreleased and alternate  recordings of songs available as an exclusive download.   Throughout his career, Johnson has approached music as a healing force, a way to enhance the  listener’s consciousness, and conjure joy and inspiration. More than a year into the Pandemic ,  and because of the Pandemic, he reflects that this approach has become reinforced and more  enhanced.   The 2023 Treasure Tour will feature some of his previously unreleased gems, some older  classics and some new soon-to-be favorites. 

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