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Monét X Change

Born and bred in New York City, Monét X Change is an entertainment spitfire with an empire that includes television, podcasts, live entertainment, and a wealth of different recorded music from opera to R&B. Discovered for her talents on RuPaul’s DragRace, Monét quickly made history within the franchise by winning Miss Congeniality (season 10) and becoming the first queen of color inducted into the Hall of Fame after winning All-Stars 4 and competing on All-Stars 7.
Monét’s showmanship is a reflection of a tireless work ethic to cultivate her comedic chops and (mostly) pitch-perfect live singing skills. Before her All-Stars win was even announced in 2018 Monét hit the ground running with her podcast Sibling Rivalry, co- hosted by Bob The Drag Queen, a television show (The X Change rate), landing her own cover shoot for New York Magazine, and touring her first one-woman show, “Call Me By Monét”.
Monét unites her impeccable writing skills and performance chops again to deliver her new one-woman show, “Life be Lifin”. This poignant, darkly humorous narrative of her life and coming of age is captivating audiences across the world. Met with rave reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it originated, friends and fans can catch the show upcoming on her North American tour.

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