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The Jack



In most circles of Rock-n-Roll influence, AC/DC is largely considered to be one of the very best live, rock and roll bands of all time!!
The Jack is this Nation's Hottest Tribute to AC/DC and quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to the music of AC/DC... since AC/DC!!
Their high energy, full-on stage performance never stops!
Crowds across America just can’t get enough of The Jack!!
The guys have been endorsed by Simon Wright (drummer for AC/DC), Robby Lochner of Jack Russell's Great White, Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield and all of the girls of The Iron Maidens, the members of Kingdom Come, Oni Logan of Lynch Mob... and pretty much everyone that has ever seen The Jack perform live!!
If you're looking for the very best in a tribute band experience, look no further... Welcome to The Jack!!

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