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Representing a wave of young artists in the Regional Mexican world, 19-year-old singer/songwriter Xavi arrives with a refreshing sound that reflects the different cultures in which he grew up: Mexican and American. His style includes R&B, pop and urban, all blended with Regional Mexican sounds. After releasing music independently, Xavi caught the attention of Interscope’s executives, who discovered him through social media and the rest is history: he is developing a successful musical career hand in hand with one of the most important labels in global music.
Influenced by the American culture of R&B and Rap, as well as Pop and Regional Mexican that his parents instilled in him, Xavi was creating his own musical style, although it was not until the Covid-19 pandemic that his life was heading towards the music industry. “I didn't choose my career, it chose me. I always liked music but I saw it more as a dream and now I am fulfilling it,” says Xavi, who has been playing the guitar since he was 10 years old.

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