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 We are an American Reggae Rock Dub band from Tucson Arizona. Bringing unique style of reggae with hard hitting songs of “Kaya”, and “Protest” or that classic southern California vibe with "Beautiful Creation" and "Under The Sun". ZeeCeeKeely are a new, original, and exciting band bringing you music that will make you want to get up, dance, and vibe with them. From growing up in Arizona you'll hear a wide range of influence from Hendrix, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Tribal Seeds, Peter Tosh to the Beatles and many more in their music. The band members are Zachary Keely (Guitar/Vocals), C-Los (Bass), Mikey Shades (Percussion/Vocals), Justin Nazari (Rhythm Guitar), Brett Coleman (Keyboard), Trey Bryant (Saxophone) and Robb Parisi (Drums)

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