Yes, the Rialto serves beer, wine and cocktails in addition to energy drinks, various sodas, and good old-fashioned water. Service of alcoholic beverages is of course limited to those 21 years of age and older, and strictly enforced.

We don’t have much in the way of food offerings, but we have a popcorn machine and a fine assortment of chips available for snacking. Besides, you really want to check out any of the fine establishments nearby, including but not limited to the Cup Cafe at Hotel CongressThunder Canyon BreweryMaynard’s Market & KitchenDiablo BurgerPencaGood Oak Bar (serves food as well!), ObonFired PieHub Restaurant & CreameryPlaygroundthe Coronet at the CoronadoDowntown Kitchen and Bar, and Empire Pizza. Those are all within 100 yards. Within 1/2 mile of Rialto there are another couple dozen restaurants. Seriously, if you want to get a bite before or after the show, and be within walking distance, there’s probably no better place in any city anywhere — we have an embarrassment of culinary riches right outside our front door. It’s awesome.

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