Well, the good news is that you’re already on the Rialto Theatre’s website, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Unless, of course, a friend printed it out for you or something, but that doesn’t even make sense. Or maybe you’re part of a couple and one of you doesn’t like to go online, and the other is content to read things aloud, but inevitably the one gets annoyed and says “JUST GIVE IT TO ME” and then puts on their reading glasses, and, you get the picture. Hopefully.

This here Rialto website is probably the best place to find detailed show information, and you can also purchase tickets directly from here. You can also sign up for our email list quite easily from the homepage, just look on the upper right and there’s a box where you just pop it right in! In addition to that, we run advertising in a wide array of places and locations, online and offline, which should give you a good overview of goings-on at Rialto. Then there’s always the Box Office, reachable at (520) 740-1000 from 12-6 pm Monday-Saturday.

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