First you might want to get a little perspective. We recommend you look at the shows we have coming up and count the number of things you have in common with acts that play here regularly. If one of those things isn’t “we have a big following in Tucson” then you gon’ need to give yourself a Reality Check and save us the time of doing it for you.

Ok, you’ve kept reading. Here is your Reality Check:  The Rialto is a big venue, and unless your band is a touring act with a sizable national following (in which case your agent is booking you and you’re not scouring our FAQ), or you’re local band that draws hundreds of people (there can only be two of those at any one time,  like Sith Lords. No, seriously!), the Rialto is probably too big for Broner and Cyster (ew, you might want to rethink that name — sounds made-up).

If you’re packing them in (SOLD OUT) on a regular basis (several times, minimally) at clubs and smaller venues, then perhaps a show might work. Send inquiries to b00king at rialtotheatre (dot) (com). Note that that email address uses zeroes instead of the letter “O”. You can also mail a press kit to P.O. Box 1728, Tucson, AZ 85702 Attn: Booking. But don’t do that. Seriously. It’s 2014 FFS.

Please do not stop by the Theatre or expect to discuss your band with anyone in person. Phone calls are discouraged as well, because if we fielded every call from every group of miscreants with a mySpace page and bad hair looking to get booked, how would we find time to sort all the brown M&Ms out?

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