Rialto show seating falls into three categories: Reserved Seating, meaning that every ticket represents an assigned seat; General Admission Seated, meaning there isn’t assigned seating, but there will be enough seats for all in attendance (as in a movie theater); and General Admission, which essentially means “Standing Room Only.”

For General Admission shows, there will be either Reserved Seating available in the balcony if it’s a larger show, or there will be seats made available at the back of the main floor area or in the balcony on a first-come first-served basis. We also make seating available to anyone with special needs – ie, you recently broke your leg, or you’re pregnant (congrats!) or you have a disability and would like to sit down. If standing up is against your religion, we will accommodate you, but we will need a notarized document which states this tenet of your belief system that is signed by your High Priest. Nice try, Pastafarians, but we have researched your website and have found nothing that verifies what that one guy Daryl said.

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