Rialto Theatre show seating falls into the following categories:

  • Reserved Seating, meaning that every ticket represents an assigned seat chosen by you during your purchase.
  • General Admission Seating**, meaning there isn’t assigned seating, but there will be enough seats for all in attendance.
  • General Admission with Reserved Seating, meaning the floor in front of the stage will be standing room only but the balcony will be available for seating. GA or RS ticket type is decided by you at the time of your ticket purchase.
  • General Admission, which essentially means “Standing Room Only.”

We also make seating available to anyone with special needs – ie, you recently broke your leg, or you’re pregnant or you have a disability and would like to sit down. Please click HERE for more details.

** For General Admission shows there will occasionally be seats made available at the back of the main floor area or in the balcony on a first-come first-served basis. The decision to make seating available for GA shows is made on the day of the event and we will not be able to offer seating information ahead of time.

2 thoughts on “Am I guaranteed a seat?

  1. I am supposed to be attending the Matisyahu concert on Sunday but I was wondering if it’s sit down or standing? If it’s sit down, is there a possible way that I can reserve a spot for me to sit? I just recently had surgery and can’t stand more than 5-10 minutes without pain. Can this be accompanied?
    Thanks, hope to hear back soon.

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